Within today’s social culture, more and more recruiters are looking at social media to help find the perfect candidate. From the below you will see it massively saves time and money, and with the huge upsergence in people now using social media, CeeVid bridges the gap between employer, technology and you the recruiter.

It is well know that a recruiter has a feeling about an employee within the first 30 seconds of interview, with Ceevid you can narrow down the perfect candidate within minutes. No need to book interview rooms, or arrange interviews around a perspective employee’s current schedule. You can instantly view thousands of CeeVid’s, filter down to the perfect candidate and then categorise them under specific role.

Ultimately CeeVid allows the recruitment process to happen in minimum time with minimum cost.

SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNT (employing 20 people or less)

Small businesses take on more than half a million employers every year, often at very short notice. Making a mistake in the hiring process while the perfect applicant’s CV is buried under a stack of paperwork is an all too common problem. CeeVid helps employers save precious time and money. We understand that first impressions count – register your Small Business Account now and instantly gain access to an ever growing number of professional CeeVids.

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CORPORATE ACCOUNT (employing up to 250 staff)

Corporate businesses can instantly tap into CeeVids to quickly develop relevant and reliable candidate shortlists. We understand that seeing is believing and CeeVid gives you an immediate view on whether a candidate is the best match for the advertised position in your organisation. Narrow down the selection process and experience a great range of benefits by creating your Corporate CeeVid Account now.

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ENTERPRISE ACCOUNT (industry-leader employing over 250)

Your Enterprise is focused on attracting customers, selling goods and services, and making a profit. In this fast-moving and globally-competitive environment, excellent recruitment has to keep pace with the increasing needs of managers and employers.

Given that 94% of employers are now actively using social media in their recruitment process, it’s only natural that CeeVid should become a key part of your selection process. Search for the best and brightest recruits by signing-up for your Enterprise Account here.