I’m a Job Seeker, how do I create my CeeVid on my phone?
Download the CeeVid mobile app on i0S or Android. Once you have downloaded the app follow the simple steps to create your CeeVid. There are useful tips on the website to assist with a script and great tips on how to create the best CeeVid possible.

What devices can I use to record my CeeVid?
The app is available for all iOS & Android devices.

How will I know that my CeeVid has been viewed and if the recruiter likes what they see?
When you have made your Free CeeVid and created your account it will be viewable by registered recruiters and recruitment agencies. If they think you are an ideal match you will receive a ‘Handshake’. Communication with the recruiter can then begin. You will be able to see how many recruiters view your CeeVid. CeeVid Premium will also show historical analytics of all activity to help you get noticed by more employers, more of the time.

How long do I have to record my Free CeeVid?
​We recommend a 2 minute CeeVid to ensure you are direct and professional. If you need more time and space for your portfolio, our Premium account gives you the flexibility to really stand out.

I am an Employer looking to recruit the ideal candidate. How do I register to CeeVid?
Recruiters can easily register online at www.CeeVid.com. Please follow the informative guide to register, taking into consideration your account requirements and selecting a package that suits your needs. If you need help in choosing in getting more information, please contact us at support@ceevid.com.

I am an Employer looking to save time and money. What are the packages available.
Whatever the size of organisation we have a package which suits you. From single post fulfilment to Corporate multi access requirements.

How long can I use CeeVid after signing up to a package?
The packages are on a rolling Monthly membership. No advanced commitment needed. We are here when you need us most.